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I was born in Atlanta, graduated from Vanderbilt, worked in the financial industry for 13+ years, retired to raise our kids, and was ready for a new challenge.  I started Diana’s Specialties in 2010 after family and friends said, “This is the best smoked salmon we’ve ever tasted, you should sell it!”

Starting a business processing and selling fish high in omega 3s with many other health benefits seemed to fit my active, health conscious lifestyle.

My first customer was a great friend who insisted I start the company. She promptly bought a whole batch and gave baskets of my products to her neighbors as Christmas gifts.  Then Kim Wilson, the owner of Lucy’s Market, tasted my smoked salmon and called me back within 1 hour saying she would take all I could produce!  

My product list soon expanded as I added smoked trout at the suggestion of Steve Alterman of Horseradish Grill.

After hiring a Food Scientist to advise and “ratify” my proceedures or “recipe” and taking food safety and Hazard Analysis courses, I finally got licensed by the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture in September 2010.  I’ve been smokin’ ever since!